Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Deploying Django Webapps
Lecture: Hosting example: Heroku

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0:00 A very popular hosting service for Python and Django is Heroku. Never used it myself, but people whose opinion I respect are happy with it.
0:10 It's a platform as a service offering, which means they've done a lot of the configuration stuff for you.
0:16 They also have hosted PostgeSQL and all of it is built on top of AWS, which means it scales like nobody's business.
0:25 There's a command line tool that you can install for remotely managing your instance and all your configuration is done through a git repo.
0:32 With the right keys in place you push content and when Heruko sees your change, it updates the server through a pole.
0:39 It also has environment variable management, which is the perfect place for your secret keys.
0:45 It even is Django aware, so it'll run collect static for you when you do a push.

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