Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Custom Django Commands
Lecture: Management commands provided by Django

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0:00 Django provides you a command line entry point in your project through the script.
0:05 This script has many subcommands which help you manage your project and the data within.
0:11 Some of the commands you've seen so far are start project to create the cookie cutter parts of a new project.
0:19 Create super user, which does exactly what it says. Start app to add a new Django app to your project.
0:27 Make migrations and its companion migrate to manage your database schemas. Run server to run the Django development server.
0:36 So you can debug your creation, dump data and its companion load data to export content from an import content to your database.
0:47 Shell to get a Python rebel. That is Django project aware. DB shell as a shortcut into your databases,
0:54 rebel equivalent and test to run your test suite and you are writing tests right?
1:00 Some other commands that I haven't touched on yet are check to run the system check framework.
1:07 This is similar to the check that is done when the development server starts up.
1:12 Diff settings shows the difference between your settings and the default ones.
1:15 Test server is an alternative to the development server that creates a test database and optionally populates it with a fixture
1:22 and change password allows you to manage a user's password, essentially giving you the ability to do resets even if you don't have the Django admin
1:31 installed.

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