Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Posting Data
Lecture: Replacing hard-coded URLs with named ones

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0:00 With the review in place and working. Let's do a bit of tidying up using that new named URL thing. Here I've added a name to the book listing URL.
0:16 Next I'll update the template that goes with it. Here I've made each book title clickable to go off to the corresponding book page.
0:38 Let's go back to the browser and check this out, and there you have it. The book listing now has links to each book's page. Let's click through.
0:50 There's Oliver Twist and his review and you'll recall that the review view process was capable of editing a review.
0:59 Let's take a look at that now by clicking the review button. The same get is done with the form but this time it's pre populated with everything
1:08 you need. Change of value and save it. And the books review has been updated. The same view using both get and post has
1:20 managed not only to create new reviews but edit them as well.

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