Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Posting Data
Lecture: Demo: 'ReviewModel' in Django Admin

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0:00 I'm in the admin area and I'm going to click here to add a review. The Django admin automatically gives you a drop down with all the users
0:13 and all the books, as well as fields for a rating and some text for the review. Let me just create this here. Oops, that's a problem.
0:27 Remember those validators, Yep, Django is stopping me from giving this book a six out of five. Let me just fix that and there you go.
0:42 You've got a review. The review admin shows the user, the book table, the rating, and that fancy truncated show summary column.
0:53 I can click on the user which will go to a filtered version of the show users page and if I scroll along you can see bookie has one review.
1:04 If I click that review, I'm back in the review area, filtered just by the user. It looks the same because there's only one review at the moment.

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