Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Add forgot password to login

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0:00 One last thing to do, let's go back to the login page and add a link to the reset process. Once again I've used the URL tag this time,
0:13 referencing the password reset view that spits out the form that kicks off the process. Don't want any of these things hard coded.
0:21 Well now that was a lot, wasn't it? Let me start up the DEV server and give this a whirl.
0:31 I'm going to go to the people profile listings so that I get into the login page and there's the lost password link.
0:43 I've entered bookies email address and that's the done page. Let me switch back to the terminal and I'll just scroll up a bit.
1:01 Remember that the email system is set to the console back end. So any email message that gets sent gets printed here instead.
1:08 Here you can see the message including all the headers and the message body and the link.
1:22 And here's the reset page and now I can enter the new password. And there you go, your password reset process is complete.

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