Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Password changed success

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0:00 After the user has changed their password, Django will show them a page saying it was successful.
0:07 The view for this is built in but like everything else you need to write your own template. That one's called, password change done.
0:18 This one's much easier. No context, nothing to do but tell the user it worked. My kind of HTML. Still running the DEV server in the background here.
0:28 Let me grab that change password link from the pull down menu, and here's the form. Oops, it didn't like my original password. Let's try that again.
0:51 That time the new passwords didn't match, 3rd time's the charm. Although this page is very simple,
1:00 you can understand why Django wants you to write it yourself. Writing it yourself, means it looks like it belongs on your site instead of
1:07 standing out because it was a pre canned form. It's a bit of boilerplate work but your site looks a lot better for it.

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