Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Testing login

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0:00 Let's go back to the profile listing page. That's much better. The error has gone away as I'm still not authenticated.
0:12 The login redirect decorator has sent me to the login page. Let me login and as promised,
0:22 once I've passed the login page it's automatically redirect me back to where I was trying to go in the first place. In the top right hand corner
0:32 you'll see those new changes to the Nav I talked about it says hello bookie and there's a drop down menu. If I open up the drop down menu,
0:40 it shows a link to my profile, change password and log out. Now let's attempt to be devious and logged in as bookie, let's try to go to the admin.
0:55 The Django admin won't let me in and that's a good thing. I'm not currently signed in with a staff account.

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