Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Setting update Django contrib auth

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0:00 First things first, all those URLs I just talked about let's include them into our site.
0:06 I'm going to do that by opening up the master alexandria file. I have now included all those URLs under a sub path called accounts.
0:22 By including the contrib.auth URLs file. This is no different than people or catalog or any of the ones that I've done before.
0:29 It's just this time I'm doing it from a Django module. Now I need to create a template for every one of those views I just talked about.
0:45 The account views, expect these templates to be in a directory named registration.
0:49 I've pre baked most of them so that you don't have to watch me type them all out. There's a lot of HTML coming your way over the next few lessons
0:57 Don't forget that all of the code is available in the repo associated with the course. If you don't feel like typing all this in,
1:05 you can always grab it from there.

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