Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Verifying login required checks

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0:00 Remember that I'm currently logged in as an admin. Let me go back into the admin area and change that.
0:10 I'm going to click the log out link and now I'll go back to the profile Well that didn't go so well.
0:22 This has to do with the fact that the login page at the moment is only set up for the admin area.
0:28 There are extra steps you need to take to get normal logins working. Like writing your own login page.
0:35 So to review the profile listing view is marked as login required through the login required decorator.
0:43 I am not currently logged in when I hit the view, Django redirects me to the log in page.
0:49 I have yet to define the login page except in the admin space and so there's nothing here and I get a page not found error. Let's go fix all of this.

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