Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Viewing the profile pages

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0:02 And I'll start by going to the profile listing and there's my user bookie.
0:13 I can click the link and see Bookies profile and that's Janice's information. I can edit the URL
0:21 Setting the profile id to one and you get the admin user's profile. This only worked because I'm currently logged in as a staff member.
0:37 If I edit the profile again and set it to a different value, this was a non existent profile id, get object or 404 does what it says.
0:50 It 404s, in debug is set to true. When an error happens and debug is set to true.
0:58 You get debug information like this one that shows you about the 404. In a production situation you'll replace this with your own custom page.
1:09 I'll come back to that later.

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