Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Users and Account Management
Lecture: Adding the profile HTML template

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0:00 You know how in those cooking shows they show you how to mix something and go straight to the oven to fetch the same thing prepared ahead of time.
0:09 Well, let's go look in templates profile listing. What do you know it's already been baked. There's nothing in this template you haven't seen before.
0:22 It's a four loop that iterates through all the profiles passed in and builds a list of links to the individual profile pages.
0:31 Note that I've been a bad boy here. The URL on line 9 is hard coded. This should be using a named value. I'll come back and fix it later.
0:43 Yet another pre prepared casserole dish here. This is profile.html and the template shows some information about an individual profile.
0:53 With the templates in place, let me go wire all this up in the new file.

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