Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Django Admin
Lecture: Filtering records in the Admin

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0:00 If you have a lot of records, the Django admin will paginated the view for you.
0:05 Of course if you have a lot of records you might end up clicking around a lot before figuring out what page the thing you're looking for is on.
0:14 The admin helps with this problem by providing a method to filter your pages.
0:19 The list filter attribute tells the Django admin what fields your object can be filtered by. In the case of related objects.
0:28 What shows up in the filter listing is that nasty old rebel representation that you learn to override in a previous chapter.
0:37 Let's go do the same thing for author and then add a filter. I've added a filter to the book object before doing anything else.
0:48 Let's go take a look at this. I'll refresh and a filter panel shows up on the right hand side.
0:57 Allowing me to click and see just those things that belong to a given author. Of course, unless you've memorized the authors id umbers,
1:06 this isn't quite helpful yet. Let's go do something about that.

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