Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Django Admin
Lecture: Adding and deleting Books in the Admin

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0:00 There are two links for adding books, one in the top corner and the other in the section area,
0:09 Clicking on either takes me to a form where I can add a book. The area for the title field here is quite large.
0:18 That's because if you'll recall, the title is a text field rather than a charfield. The default rendering in the admin of a text field is to use a
0:28 text area rather than an input block. Because the author is a foreign key, the Django admin provides a dropdown listing of all the existing authors.
0:40 Still not particularly readable, I'll come back to that later. In the meantime I'll pick one and now that I've saved it shows up in the change listing.
0:51 There are two ways of deleting it. You'll remember there is a delete button on the update screen or you can click the
0:59 little checkbox to select your record and then choose delete selected books from the actions.
1:08 Pushing go, one warning screen later and there it is gone.

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