Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Django Admin
Lecture: Modifying users in the Admin

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0:00 There's a lot on this screen starting up at the top with the user's name.
0:05 This is editable and there is a little hint about what characters are allowed. The password isn't editable.
0:13 Django uses a one way hash to store passwords so there is no way of viewing the actual password.
0:19 There is a little link here that allows you to change the password though.
0:24 See the admin is being helpful already, your help desk people could use it to do password resets for forgetful users.
0:32 Next are some of the users attributes. Let's fill in a first and last name. That's Armin McAdmin of the highland admins.
0:45 You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to save. I'll take you there in a second. The permission section has three key flags.
0:54 Active staff and super user. Removing the active flag stops the user from being able to log in.
1:02 The staff and super user flags are what I described before. There's even a little text to indicate the difference,
1:10 staff have access to log into this admin area and super users have all the permissions regardless of whether you've assigned them specifically or not.
1:20 I mentioned that Django has a robust permission management mechanism.
1:23 This section is where you say who belongs to what groups and what their permissions are Quite frankly, I've almost never used this.
1:31 I find I either am good with the simple staff, non staff distinction or I need really hardcore permissions that send me towards third party libraries.
1:39 But lots of people find it helpful and it's here if you want it.
1:45 Further down, you have some info on when the account signed in and when it was created. The three kinds of save buttons help you create or update.
1:53 And of course the delete button is for deletion. All the CRUD without the R. I'll just save the changes I made to the account's name
2:01 by clicking on save. I'm now back at the change list screen and Armin McAdmin is a thing.

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