Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Django Admin
Lecture: Logging into the Admin

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0:00 In the background, I'm running the development server. The URL for the admin is /admin, easy enough to remember.
0:10 Django has locked the admin away behind an authentication wall. So now I'll use the super user account I just created to sign in.
0:21 The password is super secret and hard to guess. And this is it, not much to look at, is it? That's because very little has been registered with it yet.
0:31 By default, all you get are the users and groups models which are part of the authentication framework.
0:38 By clicking on a model name, you can go to the change list screen. The change list screen, lists all the objects for the given model type.
0:47 In this case the users, as the only user in the system is the super user I just created, this list is pretty short.
0:55 The change list screen shows some of the attributes of each of the objects listed. For the user, that's the user name, the email address, first name,
1:07 last name and staff status. That pretty green check mark tells you the admin user is also a staff member. This screen is the read part of CRUD.
1:20 Clicking on the user name will take you to the update part of CRUD.]

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