Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Django ORM and Databases
Lecture: Explore the query manager in the Django REPL

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0:02 The query manager is appropriately named. You use it to query the database. The all method returns all the objects for this model in the database.
0:13 In this case the single Dickens object with an I.D. of one that I had just created. X axis, the first name field.
0:24 It's empty. That's because one it isn't required and two. I didn't specify it, when I made the call to create.
0:32 The Dickens object can be thought of as a proxy to a row in the database, changes to the object won't change the database immediately.
0:39 You have to remember to call save afterwards or the changes will be lost. Let me assign a first name to Chuckie and then I'll save it to the database.
0:55 The database now matches the state of my object.

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