Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: HTML Templates
Lecture: Viewing our shiny new About page

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0:00 I've prepared a CSS file for you that does a bit of basic styling as I
0:05 mentioned before. That's inside of static in a new directory called CSS this file makes
0:14 sure the footer is rendered at the bottom of the page by declaring a minimum height
0:18 It sets some color information and does a bit of styling on the logo image with the underlying HTML. Ready to go. All you need now is a view.
0:29 I'm going to add 1 to the home app. This view is going to be really short. All that is needed this time is to render the template.
0:42 The context dictionary for render is optional. So that's all there is to get an about view.
0:48 Now I'll add the about page two home dot girls remember this gets included by the
0:58 include call in the alexandria Earl's file so it will be listed as slash home slash
1:05 about. With that done. I'm ready to start my dev server and isn't that a thing of beauty? It's starting to look like a web page.
1:19 When I defined the nav bar I made the logo clickable and set it to go to the base oral of slash. Of course I haven't built that yet.

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