Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: HTML Templates
Lecture: Bootstrap bootcamp

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0:00 In case you haven't played with bootstrap before, I'm going to quickly highlight a few things, bootstrap provides both layout and widget tools.
0:09 The layout system is based on a grid, a grid is made up of rows and up to 12 columns.
0:16 The toolkit is responsive. It uses CSS to manage the layout of the page,
0:21 depending on the pages size. This makes writing for different screen sizes like mobile, simpler. When you write bootstrap tags,
0:29 you can specify how this responsiveness adjusts based on different screen sizes. Bootstrap comes with a good collection of widgets.
0:37 The two I'll be using for the about page are a nav bar and a wrapper
0:42 for content that specifies screen width and friendly behavior for different screen sizes. Alright, let's use all this together and write an about page.

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