Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: HTML Templates
Lecture: Test the template in the browser

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0:00 In the previous chapter, I ran the development server in a terminal. You can also do that right here inside of Pycharm
0:18 and now I'll hit /home /sample in the browser. You'll recall that there were three books in the context and no header defined.
0:29 So the H1 tag here is empty. The first book was Frankenstein, it didn't have a recommendation key in its dictionary which
0:39 is treated as false, so no exclamation marks. The 2nd book was Metamorphosis. Who doesn't like a giant talking cockroach?
0:49 This did have a recommendation key so you get some exclamation marks. The final book was Dracula. It also had the recommendation key defined but it was
1:00 set to false so only the cockroach book gets any love.

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