Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Your First Django App
Lecture: Chapter review

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0:00 Phew! That was a lot in this chapter, you installed Django and used it to create a new project named Alexandria.
0:09 Projects are what probably should be called web applications, but of course that would be confusing because you also created a Django app called Primer
0:17 Django apps are modules that you use to organize your web code. Apps can also be supplied and installed from 3rd party sources.
0:27 Inside of your app, you wrote the say Hello View, a function that returned Hello World. You then map that view to a URL,
0:34 so that Django could serve the content. Using the development server, you served that content and proudly visited a pretty but plain text web page.
0:44 Finally, because you're a responsible developer who wants to write good quality code,
0:48 you wrote a test to go with your Django app and watched it pass with flying colors.

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