Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Your First Django App
Lecture: Creating a Django app

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0:00 Alright, I'm back inside my terminal. Creating an app is similar to creating a project. It uses a Django admin subcommand.
0:08 I'm still inside of the Alexandria project directory and this time I'm going to use the script.
0:17 The subcommand I used here was start app and primer is the name of the app. Let me run tree again. Ok lots of stuff has happened here.
0:28 First off notice that a bunch of .pyc files have shown up running the managed
0:32 py command earlier has caused several of the files in the inner Alexandria directory to get imported. So they've been compiled
0:40 about halfway down here you'll see the db.sqlite3 file. Django supports several different databases. SQqlite is the default.
0:49 When I ran the development server to show you the rocketship picture. This file got created.
0:56 The newly created Django app is named Primer and a directory with that name has been created.
1:02 This directory includes dummy versions of almost all the files I just told you about that are part of an app. Creating the app is only the first step.
1:11 You have to register it with Django. To do this you'll need to make a change to the settings file. Let's go do that in PyCharm.

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