Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing the Django Web Framework
Lecture: Django's pluggable architecture

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0:00 If all this goodness isn't enough. The framework is designed using applicable architecture.
0:05 The same techniques the maintainers used to organize Django are used by you and 3rd party writers This makes the framework quite extensible.
0:14 One small bit of unfortunateness though, they could have chosen some of their terminology a little bit better. There are two terms you'll need to know.
0:23 A Django project is the software, you're writing the website. A Django app is a module.
0:30 This can get confusing as the term application usually means the whole thing, but in this case it means a module.
0:38 Apps can be shipped and managed separately. This is part of that whole pluggable thing. This pluggability names being problematic notwithstanding,
0:48 is how a huge community of people have gotten together to write 3rd party apps. You can take advantage a lot of them,
0:54 which means less code for you to write. Stand on some giants shoulders.

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