Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing the Django Web Framework
Lecture: Django Admin

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0:00 All this data, users included is going to need managing. Almost all data has to go through the credit operations.
0:08 That's create, read, update, and delete. CRUD it's just fun to say, since this is so common, why I have to write all this yourself every single time.
0:18 You might have guessed. I'm going to tell you you don't have to. Django comes with the Django admin,
0:24 a tool that allows you to perform all the common crowd operations on any model class you define. It requires a few extra lines of code,
0:31 but it takes advantage of the model framework to minimize how much you have to do. By default, this toolset is restricted to a subset of your users,
0:40 staff members and super users, you can change that if you want to open it up to others. But the typical use here is for the admins of your site

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