Django: Getting Started Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing the Django Web Framework
Lecture: Chapter concepts

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0:00 Welcome to getting started with Django. My name is Christopher and I will be your guide through the wonderful world of Django
0:07 web programming. This introductory chapter will give you an overview of the topics covered in
0:12 this course, namely Django. I'll start out by describing what you'll need to know
0:17 before coding. Along with me then we'll talk about each of the major parts of Django. The first part is the URL routing mechanism.
0:24 This is what translates the web address your Django project receives into a call to some code that returns HTML. That code I just mentioned,
0:34 Django calls it a view, views get called when a URL is hit and are responsible for returning a document.
0:40 Usually HTML. Django comes with a template engine for producing HTML, giving you the power of re use that you are accustomed to encoding but applied to
0:50 text based documents. Django also interfaces with the database. The database is abstracted away through what Django calls models.
0:59 These models allow you to think of objects rather than rows in a database.
1:04 And finally, Django comes with all sorts of the tools you need when writing a complex website
1:09 tools you might otherwise have to write for yourself creating and managing users for example or administering that database I just mentioned

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