Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Conclusion

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0:00 Well, we've come to the end of the course and congratulations on making it this far
0:03 Hopefully, you've worked through building the application along with me as we've worked through
0:08 all the different chapters and the different technologies.
0:11 So it's time to bring it home.
0:12 You're now ready to build production grade apps, not just APIs but full
0:17 on web applications with FastAPI.
0:20 And let me just reiterate, the reason I think that's super valuable here.
0:24 Sure, there are many web frameworks, and FastAPI
0:26 is a great API framework,
0:27 but you often want to have both.
0:29 There's often some web UI component to your app and an API. You
0:33 don't wanna have those things be separate.
0:35 You wanna have the ability to use the same framework.
0:38 So if we build our web applications with FastAPI instead of like,
0:42 say, the foundation like Starlette or a completely different framework like Django,
0:47 we have this ability to seamlessly move between them.
0:50 And I think that is super,
0:51 super, powerful. FastAPI
0:53 is such a great framework that it actually makes one of the best web application,
0:57 the dynamic HTML side of the web, really,
1:01 really nice as well. So I think you're gonna get a lot out of
1:04 this. And during this chapter,
1:05 we're going to go through all the different topics that we've covered during this course and
1:09 just do a quick review of what you've learned.