Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: Deploying FastAPI on Linux with gunicorn and nginx
Lecture: Deployment introduction

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0:00 So we built a really fine web application with dynamic templates and static files and all
0:05 that awesome stuff that most web frameworks have, on top of FastAPI
0:09 and that's great. It leaves us the option to do all the API
0:12 side of things with the best API framework out there in addition to doing all
0:17 the cool web things. But web apps are not fun for you, just you and
0:21 yourself. The whole idea of a web app is you put it on the Internet
0:24 with a domain and the whole world is now there to find your app through search,
0:30 through other ways of getting the word out and hopefully start using it.
0:34 So in this chapter, what we're gonna do is take the app that we
0:37 built and deploy it. We're gonna put it out on a Linux server, on the
0:42 Internet. We don't quite go so far as to map the domain name to it
0:46 because we don't have a domain name.
0:47 But it's really a, short,
0:49 short step to go from what we're gonna do in this chapter to actually having
0:52 a product on the Internet and it's gonna be awesome.
0:55 Now, here we are in the github repository. Over here,
0:58 you can see we have a link, cause we don't actually have source code for this
1:00 chapter because we're not going to deploy the app we built here. In our other FastAPI
1:04 course we already deployed an application,
1:07 and it is literally identical to this application.
1:11 Now, technically, the contents that show on the screen are not the same.
1:15 I'll show you that, it's right here.
1:16 We built this weather endpoint.
1:18 So it's a, whether service or whether API but also you can see
1:22 right here we've got things like static files,
1:24 we've got this dynamic template and so on. It's actually exactly the same.
1:28 If we click on it, it even does some cool API stuff right
1:32 there. Apparently, it's lightly raining
1:34 now. We're going to deploy this application and here's the source code with all the config
1:40 files and stuff that you might want to work with.
1:42 You can make a very slight adjustment to deploy the app that we're doing here.
1:46 Given that we did such a polished job deploying that weather application on Ubuntu,
1:51 out on the Internet, I think it makes most sense for us to go
1:53 through and look at that example there.
1:56 The adjustments are incredibly small, but hopefully you'll have a great time putting your web
2:01 application out on the Internet for all the world to consume.