Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: Users and HTML forms
Lecture: Intro to chapter

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0:00 We've added some different links, depending on whether or not a user was theoretically logged into our website. It's time to actually greet users,
0:09 let them log in, let them register, using HTML forms for our site. There's two main takeaways from this chapter.
0:16 One, how do we deal with having users, who need to have accounts that are stored securely in our database? And, how do we do HTML forms we can get and
0:27 post back for FastAPI with templates. We're gonna combine these things by creating the login and the registration features for our
0:35 users in this chapter. We're gonna learn a lot about how to work with these forms and we're gonna use view models as the way to do some of that
0:42 exchange. I think you're gonna see this works really, really well with FastAPI with it's native understanding and embracing of HTTP verbs.

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