Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: View models and services
Lecture: Survey the package details page

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0:00 Let's see how far we've come with our website here. So we go over, we got our login and register. Those don't actually have the right return value yet,
0:10 but that's OK. We'll come back to that in a second. But over here we've got these packages and we've got lists linked to them,
0:17 right? So we go /project/fastapi, /project/uvicorn I personally would probably choose like
0:24 /package or /packages/ that. But if you go to the real pypi.org this is the url structure they use,
0:30 so we're just gonna stick with that to be as close to what they are creating as well. Now, if you were to go to the real PyPI and
0:37 let's just look at FastAPI real quick, and go in here and you scroll down you notice there's quite a bit of stuff.
0:44 There's this sort of main banner section with these different installs. What the release was, whether or not it's the latest version,
0:52 stuff about the history and the versions and the forks and the authors, then a big
0:56 description here in the middle and even if you go to the release history,
1:00 go back to a different line, you can see it shows you different install statements, information about whether or not it's the latest version and so on.
1:07 That is what we're going to build.

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