Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Our code editor

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0:00 what editor are we gonna be using for this course? Well, my absolute favorite is PyCharm.
0:05 I think PyCharm is by far the best editor for Python applications,
0:10 and the larger and more diverse they are like web applications are set to be, the better off that PyCharm is. Now, you don't have to use PyCharm,
0:18 but if you want to follow along exactly, I recommend you get PyCharm. And for this course you're most likely,
0:25 going to need the professional version for some of the features, you could get away with a community free version.
0:32 But a lot of the functionality, the auto complete in the HTML and CSS side won't work. You'll have to have the PyCharm Pro Edition,
0:40 and I'll give you some other options if you don't want to get that. But you can get it as a student
0:44 if you work with any university or high school or whatever, you can get it completely for free, even the Pro Edition, and there's also a trial,
0:52 so those are some options. I recommend it. I think it's absolutely worth it. Get visited over here at jetbrains.com/pycharm/
0:59 Now, the way I would put it on my machine as I would get, or I do get the JetBrains toolbox. This auto updates it for you.
1:07 It lets you jump easily between different versions, that lets you know when there's new versions
1:10 I think that's really the best way to manage JetBrains tools and products on your OS. So if you do go with PyCharm,
1:18 get it this way. Now for some reason, if you don't want to use PyCharm, the other really good editor that I would recommend is VS Code.
1:26 I don't know that I'd like VS Code. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't like it as much as PyCharm. But I do like it. I think it's good.
1:32 It has a lot of great features. It supports the HTML and the CSS and all the different languages that we're going to be touching during this course
1:39 So that's cool. You go download it for free. And if you have an M1 one Mac, there's even a way to get the M1 version, native version over here,
1:47 which is cool also for PyCharm by the way. If you do get it, You're going to need to install a couple of things.
1:53 You want to make sure that you install the Python extension or it won't have all the Python smarts. You also, on top of that,
2:01 want to install Pylance, which gives it better auto complete and better understanding still of your code. In order to get this dialogue to come up,
2:09 you press that little box icon thing there and then you get the marketplace. Python should be right near the top.
2:15 It's by far the most popular extension for VS Code. So this is a really good choice if you don't want to use PyCharm. Either
2:22 way, get one of these two and or pick your favorite editor that you think
2:27 will work well for this course and we'll be ready to work on the code together

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