Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Your instructor, Michael Kennedy

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0:00 you might be wondering, who is this disembodied voice talking to you?
0:03 Well, here I am, Michael.
0:04 My name is Michael Kennedy, @mkennedy
0:06 over on Twitter. Thanks for being to my course.
0:09 I'm really excited to teach it to you.
0:10 You might know me from the Talk Python To Me
0:12 podcast where I founded it,
0:14 and I'm the host. I'm also a,
0:17 founder and co-host of Python Bites,
0:19 which I co-founded with Brian Okken.
0:21 Maybe even more relevant for this particular situation is I'm also the founder and principal author
0:27 at Talk Python Training. I've got a lot of different exposure to different types of
0:32 Python and I'm going to try to bring all that experience to this course and share it with you