Full Web Apps with FastAPI Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What are we going to build?

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0:00 So what application are we gonna build during this course? If we go over two PyPI, we could find that we search around.
0:06 There's all sorts of different projects and maybe we could build one of those, but no, in fact, what we're gonna build is pypi.org
0:13 itself. That's right. We're gonna create a clone of pypi.org. This entire site. Well, much of the site anyway, we're going to build a UI
0:20 That looks like this, would have data coming back from the database like that. We're gonna have featured packages that are in here like that,
0:27 who have the ability to log in, to register, have accounts, all that kind of stuff.
0:33 So that's the application, the web application that we're gonna build. We're going to create a clone of pypi.org.
0:41 It's a great example because it talks to a database, it has a decent number of multiple pages, it has HTML forums, it has validation, has accounts.
0:49 Many, many of the things that almost any web application that is meaningfully large or meaningfully real will have. You wanna build a bookstore,
0:57 it'll be similar. You wanna build a forum site, it will be similar. So I think this is gonna be a great example. We're all pretty familiar with it
1:05 from our experience with Python. It's not too complicated, but it's not too simplistic at the same time.
1:10 And we're gonna build an awesome asynchronous version of it with FastAPI

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