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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student expectations

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0:00 What do you need to know To be successful as a student in this course?. What do we assume
0:04 that you know and we don't go into while we're going through it? Well, we assume that you pretty much know Python.
0:10 You don't have to know all the advanced features of Python. You don't have to be able to create weird, dynamic meta classes or anything like that.
0:17 But basic things like variables, functions, loops, classes, that's the kind of stuff we expect
0:23 you to know, we also expect that you have a little bit of familiarity with the web and HTTP and HTML, but we work with some HTML,
0:32 some CSS and some dynamic templates in this course. So we don't go through and teach you what this part of HTML means or talk
0:41 about how CSS actually works. We just use the CSS and use the HTML. If you're somewhat shaky on it, probably OK, you can pick it up along the way,
0:49 but it's not a focus to this course. So we do assume that you at least can pick it up on the way or
0:54 you know it already. So with those two things in place, you're ready to take this course

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