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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: APIs or web apps?

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0:00 Hello and welcome to Full Web Applications with FastAPI. Applications, that's the key word about what we're gonna build in this course.
0:11 FastAPI well, it has API right in the name, it's really, really good at building web APIs. But, as you will learn during this course,
0:21 it's also really, really good at building web applications. Many of the cool, modern features of FastAPI can, with a very small amount of effort,
0:32 be applied equally to web applications, those that generate HTML for browsers and humans,
0:38 as it does for JSON, which is intended for computers and computer software to exchange
0:44 data with each other. So let's start with this really important question here. Should you be focused on building an API or a web app? In the
0:54 API, we're going to build applications that exchange JSON, they deeply leverage the HTTP verbs like GET PUT POST DELETE and so on and they
1:03 exchange data that is generally unseen. Just a little progress bar spinning in you're app
1:09 and then data appears, or do we want to build some kind of web application?
1:14 Somewhere on the Internet users go and type and they show up on your page and they've got really cool dynamic HTML.
1:20 They can go over, maybe create an account. They log in, they interact through their web browser.
1:25 Now, this is a challenge that basically everyone has to deal with if they're building a rich application,
1:31 say a mobile app, and they're going to build a website that corresponds to it. So often this is presented as APIs versus web apps.
1:41 I maybe want to build some API or use an API framework like FastAPI, so that I have this great way to build APIs
1:48 And then we'll go find another way to build that web app or we've already got our web app. How do we add an API to it?
1:54 Do we have to completely start over? Good news, what you're going to see in this class is that it's not "or" or "vs" or anything
2:01 like that. No, it's "together". I will show you how to build APIs in FastAPI
2:06 and then mostly we will focus on building fantastic web applications. We have another course that focuses purely on building the APIs,
2:13 but the interesting point here is how do I take this really powerful and modern API framework and allow it to also serve web applications, web UIs
2:23 out of the exact same data models, out of the exact same code base? So you don't have two things to deploy, two things to manage, two things to run.
2:32 It's not like, well, let's use FastAPI for the APIs an then completely start over and use Django for your web app.
2:39 No, it's FastAPI through and through, And you're gonna be able to blend them together within the same application with the same
2:47 versioning, the same deployment, everything. It's going to come out with one of the best web frameworks, not just API,
2:54 but web frameworks that you can use for modern Python web applications. You're gonna see how to unlock that power in this course.

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