Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Stay in touch

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0:00 And finally, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking this course and I'll give you a few ways to stay in touch with me.
0:07 Follow my writing over at Subscribe over there for the RSS feed if you're interested in hearing announcements
0:14 of my personal things that are going on. Of course, listen to the Talk Python to Me podcast. We dive into so many ideas like this every single week
0:22 and explore how Python is mixed with all the other amazing things going on in the tech world. So if that sounds interesting to you
0:30 and you're not already a subscriber to the podcast, check that out. Also Python Bytes, totally different style.
0:36 I co-host this one with Brian Okken and we cover a bunch of news items and cool libraries every week. So be sure to stay in touch with us there.
0:43 Obviously, thank you for coming to Talk Python Training. And if you do want to get in touch with me, you can do so over on Mastodon where I'm at
0:51 or just go to the website and find the contact us email. That's also works. So again, thank you, enjoy the CDNs, see you around.

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