Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Checking your work: Performance testing
Lecture: Performance testing introduction

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0:00 You've seen examples of slow websites. You've seen how we can use a CDN and other techniques to make our website super, super fast.
0:12 But how do you know? We all have an intuition, and as you interact with it, you can probably say, yeah, that feels better,
0:20 but let's find some tools and use some tools to actually measure and put numbers to the changes that we're making. That way we can say, yes,
0:29 It's not just feels a little bit better, but it's 32% better for most people around the world. That'd be a nice thing to say, right?
0:37 So remember the PageSpeed insights, we talked about this at the very beginning about how CDN looked really fast,
0:44 but then actually turned out to be slow in its overall experience. So we're gonna play with that in this chapter. And we're also going to play
0:53 with the network tools directly. We've seen a lot of the stuff going on here,
0:58 but we're going to specifically use them to compare the old and the new version of our website.

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