Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Fonts
Lecture: Bunny is not an ad company

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0:00 But you know what's great about You pay them money, not a ton of money, but you pay them for a product.
0:08 You are not the product and neither are your web visitors., I don't know if I spoke about this
0:15 at the beginning, but is based in Europe and they're a very privacy-oriented company. You can think of them a little bit similar
0:22 to like ProtonMail and those types of companies that are European-based, more about providing privacy to their users and so on.
0:33 And when they realized the same problem that we just discussed, they said, "Hey, you know we have this cool CDN, maybe we could solve this problem."
0:41 So they came up with this idea of having their own parallel version of Google Fonts that is compatible from an
0:49 API or from a way in which you use it with Google Fonts so it's super easy to switch between. So here you can see, on their fonts page and about.
0:59 It says, "Bunny Fonts is an open source, "privacy-first web font platform designed "to put privacy back on the internet
1:06 "with zero tracking and no logging policy. "Bunny.Fonts helps you stay fully GDPR compliant, "and it's fast because it's over the same network
1:13 "all your other stuff is going over." And the UI looks incredibly simple, similar. You'll come down here and you're like,
1:21 "All right, well, let me go find the font type "I'm looking for," and you can search for it, and then add the different variations
1:29 and come up with a thing to include here in page to solve exactly the same problem. But instead of going through Google,
1:35 which adds on these ad tracking, retargeting pieces of information, it just provides the fonts, nothing else.
1:45 Okay, so super cool that they created this and we're gonna add it to our website here.

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