Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Troubleshooting
Lecture: The CDN keeps logs too

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0:00 Now, if you really do think it is a CDN problem or you just want to see historically what
0:06 has happened with the static files or anything accessible through your CDN, over on the panel, the panel, there's an actually a log section.
0:17 So you can see in the left here, there's this logs thing in the vertical nav bar sidebar there.
0:24 And you can come in and see all the requests going to a particular pull zone.
0:29 So up here where it says video collector, you can pull that down and it'll let you look
0:35 at any of your pull zones, whether that's storage or a URL pull zone. And then you can see all the requests
0:43 Here I've got the 200, so successful requests, as well as 404 and I guess 400, other types of four category requests, 400s.
0:54 So you can see there are some 404s coming in. I had intentionally misnumbered or misversioned my bootstrap version and it came in as a 404.
1:03 It should be 460 and I typed in 461 and it came back as an error. So then I changed the 1 back to a 0 and it went, "Oh yeah, that's a 200. That's okay.
1:13 We got that." You can also, where it says status filter up here, you can click those on and off.
1:20 So we only have the 200s and the 400s, I believe, possibly the others are checked.
1:26 but there's nothing. I think that just might mean they're not colored because none are showing up.
1:31 But you can click on those and turn them on and off and filter it down to just show me the 404s,
1:36 just show me the 500 server errors. Because it could be your servers crashing when it's trying
1:41 to provide a file, right? There's lots of reasons that the content's not making it there.
1:45 So if you want to see what the CDN thinks is going on with your website and what requests
1:53 requests are coming to it, and then what happens to them, go over to this log section and you
1:57 can search through them, toggle between pull zones, turn on and off successful requests, and only show errors, only show successes, and so on.
2:05 So remember, the CDN keeps logs too.

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