Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Troubleshooting
Lecture: Check the dev tools

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0:00 Well, first off, let's pull up the Network tab. That's usually a really good place when you feel like files are not rendering correctly
0:09 or they're not showing up. You can go to your DevTools in your browser. Chromium or Firefox-based ones are usually the best here.
0:19 You can see there is trouble. We've got 11 errors in our little console warning section.
0:26 We also go to the network and you can see all these red 404s for the style sheets, the
0:31 bootstrap, and then this all.min is font awesome and our site CSS. Well, clearly, that's why a bunch of these things are busted and missing.
0:42 Now, it's not always exactly a 404. Sometimes you would want to check out the console as well.
0:48 It might have other information about, well, you tried to include the JavaScript, but the the JavaScript had an error in it,
0:54 So it couldn't actually run, which means it couldn't transform the page or whatever. So check the console,
1:01 but I would say network here is probably the place to start.

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