Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Avoiding Stale Caches
Lecture: Remember vary by in the CDN

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0:00 Do you remember when we set up the URL pull zone for our static files and I said,
0:06 "Let's go through the caching section and it's really important that you check URL query string
0:12 as one of the vary by options." I believe that was off by default on this one. I said,
0:19 "In order for stuff to work that we're going to do later in the course, you have to click URL
0:25 query string as one of the ways in which things could be considered as a separate file."
0:30 and then we're gonna save that configure it you know make sure you press save
0:34 that configuration right this trick we did with the cache ID if you don't have this checked well it's kind of say query string change but we're not
0:45 supposed to treat those things as separate so same file and same still cache problem so we talked about this before but it might not have clicked on
0:54 like well why does that matter this this thing we just did to allow for us to
0:59 make changes to CSS, JavaScript, image, and other static files, and instantly,
1:06 without any effort on our part, have those changes all the way through the
1:11 infrastructure stack, it's that little green checkbox right there. So make sure you've got that set if you're going to use this technique.

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