Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Large Content
Lecture: Where is our large content in the app?

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0:00 We're on to a new chapter. So a new set of source code. Now over here, we've got our
0:05 chapter three static content. And now there's a chapter four. It's basically the starter
0:11 code from the previous one. But a big important thing to notice to see this blue appear, this
0:16 is still the one that we're working with. So we need to right click mark directory as
0:21 unmarked sources route or hit the hotkey, which I'll be doing in the future. And come
0:25 down here and mark this one as the sources route or again hit the hotkey as I will be
0:31 doing in the future. So over to chapter four, right? Make sure you run this one. I've already
0:36 set up something with a run configuration with a better name, but you know, right click
0:41 save run that to get this to run. And let's go over here and have a look where we might
0:48 So be able to use this storage. Now all of these traditionally have been YouTube videos. So if I go over to the racing ones,
0:56 every one of these is some kind of YouTube video, right? So for example, if we watch this one, you can see that it's talking about trail braking,
1:05 which is a technique for getting more traction when you're trying to go through a corner, posted on YouTube right here, right?
1:11 This is all the YouTube player. Most of these videos are just things we've collected off of the internet.
1:18 However, let's look here, for example, in this one, This Michael Kennedy one. We've done this one, we've created this ourselves. We own this.
1:28 Maybe we don't want to host it on YouTube for the purposes of this course. Maybe we want to host this ourself. And in the Python section,
1:35 there's a bunch of these that are ours. So for example, this talk Python interview I did here, this Python bytes one, another Python bytes,
1:42 this HTMX interview I did with Carson Gross. All of these are our videos or my videos. and maybe we want to self post these. And we do.
1:55 So what we're going to do is we're going to actually stop linking to the YouTube videos. We're going to put, I've already downloaded them
2:02 and I'll provide the video files to you. What we're going to do is we're going to put those in this storage in
2:09 and then feed them through our CDN and you'll see they'll probably behave even a little bit better than what we're getting out of YouTube.

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