Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Large Content
Lecture: How Talk Python uses storage

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0:00 Let's jump over to the panel, the admin section. Notice over here for Talk Python, we've got a couple of storage zones.
0:11 These are where these objects are stored, these binary objects or large objects are stored that we can serve up. We have two that we're working with.
0:22 So if we go over to Talk Python and we pick the latest episode and we click download, watch where this goes. - Agreed.
0:31 - It's going to the file. So that's this one right here. And when you're watching a video,
0:44 this very video right now over on Talk Python training, if you go and watch a video over here, all of this video content is delivered
0:54 through this particular storage zone. And let's bump over to the pull zones real quick.
0:59 You can see here we've got Python Bytes, same story, there's its downloads, here's the Talk Python downloads and the videos for Talk Python video.
1:09 If you scroll over, notice here that we've got the volume tier and also see this color with the folder icon, the origin?
1:20 This is HTTPS, this is Talk Python and so on, but these, these are the storage zones here that we're actually pointing at.
1:30 Okay, so that's how we're serving up those two pieces of large content. And that's what we're going to do for our demo app here as well.

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