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Chapter: Large Content
Lecture: Large content introduction

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0:00 We've seen how awesome the CDN is for our static content, CSS files, JavaScript, and even somewhat large image files.
0:12 But there's a whole class of content that doesn't belong in that workflow. It doesn't belong in our app being served out of our app.
0:22 If you are working on like legal documents that got to be signed and you've got a 50 Mega byte contract word file.
0:31 Should you serve that out of your file out of your website? Probably not.
0:36 Chances are you're not even including that file in GitHub or in your source control and it's not really in the static folder.
0:46 Maybe it's coming out of the database and then it probably would actually possibly go through that same previous CDN style.
0:53 But if you have these large files just laying around and you're not putting them in source source control, maybe you serve them up a different way.
1:02 Especially user-generated content that is really, really large.
1:07 Here we have a video vlogger type of guy here and his video might be 100 megs or a gigabyte.
1:16 You're definitely not going to want to put that in your database in source controller in your static folder.
1:21 You're going to store that on some kind of cloud drive. And even more boring kind of behind the scenes stuff, like maybe you're generating reports.
1:31 And those reports are large documents, like analytics out of your site, and you want to
1:36 store those, generate them point in time, save them to disk and be able to serve that
1:41 content up, either by serving up a large JavaScript file than having some client process that or just storing a PDF and serving it.
1:51 So all of these use cases and many more that I'm sure you can think of are what we're gonna talk about now in this chapter.
1:58 When you have content that you want to serve through the CDN, you want it to be globally distributed and you want it to be as fast as possible,
2:06 but it's not part of your application. It's not in source control and it's not served up by your app directly.

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