Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Integrating Static Content
Lecture: Intro to static content

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0:00 With the stage set, we're now ready to start integrating our CDN, into our web app to make all the static content in our website just fly.
0:12 We're thinking about things like images, but also stuff that's not exactly seen, such as CSS, JavaScript, fonts, all of those types of things.
0:23 So in this chapter, we're gonna go set up our, it's called a pull zone in our CDN,
0:29 plug that into our website and then start pulling the static content out of the web
0:34 server and then we're going to link that to the clients, to all the users of our app through the CDN and the CDN is going to take it from there.
0:43 It's going to be excellent. It's time to take off and fly.

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