Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Get the source

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0:00 In order to use our web application and play with it and follow along, you're going to need that source code.
0:07 So go over to the GitHub repository, you can see the URL here at the bottom. Also, you can click on just the GitHub button in the talk Python player.
0:19 Come over here and fork this code as well as start so that you have it on your GitHub account, and then clone it and play with it.
0:26 Again, the best way to learn this stuff is to play around and try it hands on. So this is just a standard Flask app.
0:34 We'll talk about getting set up and going in just a little bit. But notice that right now it just says code/starter project.
0:42 Well, that's because we haven't done anything yet. This is the beginning of the course.
0:46 As we make our way through it, you'll see chapter three, chapter four, chapter five code show up. And here's the trick.
0:53 If you want to start at the beginning of chapter five, go to the chapter four code and grab that. That's what we finished at chapter four.
1:01 On the other hand, if you want to see the final code from chapter five, that'll be in chapter five.
1:05 So you can jump in at different locations, but I do encourage you to follow along.
1:09 And we'll talk about setting this up and making it run when we get to it for the first time.

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