Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructor

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0:00 As we close out this chapter introducing the course and ideas behind it, I just want to introduce myself. Hey there, I'm Michael Kennedy.
0:10 You maybe know me from some of my podcasts and things, but it's great to have you here in this course.
0:15 If you want to read some of the articles and things like that, some essays that I've written, check out
0:23 Obviously I'm the host and founder of the Talk Python to Me podcast. So if you don't listen that please give it a look.
0:31 I'm also the co-host of Python bytes Python News Weekly Show.
0:36 I'm the founder and one of the principal authors here at Talk Python Training, including this course as you might imagine.
0:45 It's also a great honor to be a Python Software Foundation fellow.
0:49 And finally, if you want to connect with me online, find me over at on Mastodon. Thanks for coming to the course.
0:58 I'm looking forward to talking about some of these ideas with you.

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