Python Web Apps that Fly with CDNs Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What are we going to build?

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0:00 Now, before we get into too much of the technical details, getting set up and some of the beginning ideas, I want to show you the destination,
0:09 where we're going to and planning out what we're going to build. So let's take a walk through the final application
0:16 to see what things are going to be like when we're done in the end. That way you know where we're going. Here's the app we're going to work with.
0:23 I called it Video Collector. Get your favorite videos, old school Yahoo style. What does that mean? Well, Yahoo predated search engines.
0:32 Believe it or not, for all the things that Yahoo became, all it was was basically a bunch
0:37 of static files sitting on a web server that humans would go around and say, "There's an interesting website and there's another one.
0:45 This one is under JavaScript and this one is under Apple or this one is under racing." And they literally would just write them down.
0:52 That's all Yahoo was when it started. So we're going to do that, but for our videos.
0:56 So we have these different categories of videos here and if we go into the different categories
1:02 you can see that they've got these are all mostly YouTube videos at the moment but you know here's like the WWDC for Apple. Here's iJustine.
1:11 Here's a video that Paul Everett and I did together exploring that.
1:16 We go back and we'll pick some racing and click down here you can actually play these
1:21 like this video right here is this crazy guy that built a hundred thousand dollar sim racing setup that is mixed reality along with real reality with
1:35 virtual realities. It's pretty cool. Anyway, you can check those videos out.
1:38 The point is not so much the videos but that we can collect them here. And here's
1:44 some more Python ones, some fun ones for sure. So that's one of the features.
1:48 Another one is we can search. Notice this will do search without refreshing the
1:53 page using HTMX. So if we wanted to see some of those WWDC ones, we just type
1:58 WWDC whatever, some part. You'd see stuff about Apple or we could see things about
2:04 Python or even IndyCar racing. Notice how that's super responsive. As we interact
2:11 with it, this is really fast and I'm running this remotely somewhere. I'll
2:16 discuss how I'm doing that, but it's about a hundred or maybe 150 milliseconds ping time away. And yet, look at how, you know, these images are large.
2:26 Look at how quickly we can bounce around here. Click on the JavaScript one, click on the Python one, super fast. So that's really, really cool.
2:35 And that's what we're going to do throughout this course. One final feature here, we have infinite scroll.
2:40 So as you go here, when you get to show three at a time, a little more, you'll, you'll think
2:45 for a second and show it actually got to make it slow down and pretend to think otherwise you don't really see the loading but there you go.
2:54 So that's the final feature of this website. We can also add new ones and come down here and add a video but we're not really probably
3:02 going to do that in this course. Maybe we'll get there but primarily we're just going to interact with the data as it is.
3:08 So this is the app that we're going to build. Check at how super cool and fast and responsive this is as we interact with it.
3:16 The CDN is doing a lot of cool stuff for us here along with Flask and Jinja Partials and HTMX.
3:22 But again, that stuff's all pre-built so you don't need to know how to work with it, but you will get to experience it throughout the course.
3:28 It's a fun app. I think you're going to dig working with it. It'll give us a chance to see a lot of cool things.

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