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Chapter: Welcome to the course
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0:00 So you've got a Python-based web application and you want to make it fast. I do too.
0:08 I don't know about you, but when I go to websites that are just slow and spinning and spinning and spinning, it's super frustrating to me.
0:16 And not only me, Amazon and other folks have studied this and shown that for every 100
0:22 milliseconds of delay people have getting to your website, there's a measurable drop-off
0:28 in conversion, in engagement, in sales, all of those things. So it's super important,
0:35 not just from a user satisfaction, but also from an engagement perspective, to make sure
0:40 your web app is fast. Now, there's lots of things you can do on the server side, we can
0:45 make our database faster with indexes and proper queries, we can optimize our Python
0:51 code with the right frameworks, we can use cool techniques like even compiling parts So it was Cython or using profilers.
0:59 But that is only part of the story. As you will see in this course, the other half is what happens after HTML is delivered to the user.
1:08 Well, there's a whole bunch of other stuff that has to happen involving static files, large files, geo distribution and all those things.
1:17 So in this course, you're going to see how without very much complexity on your behalf
1:21 at all, we can easily use CDNs to make our app much, much faster.
1:27 With what you're going to learn in this course, you're going to have at your disposal what
1:30 many of the huge tech companies leverage, and your app is going to be way faster than many of them out there. So really excited to share this with you.
1:41 It's going to be lots of fun. It's easy to adopt, but you also need to make sure that you're thinking of a couple of considerations
1:47 to make sure it's easy to operate over time as well. So, if you're looking for a fast web app and your app is written in Python, welcome to
1:57 the journey.

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