Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Appendix: Deploying MongoDB
Lecture: Concept: Installing MongoDB for production

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0:01 We saw that we can basically leverage the package manager on Ubuntu to install MongoDB, but it won't work by default, we've got to add some things.
0:11 Now notice this link at the bottom, you shouldn't be typing in at least not the first two lines at all, you can just copy them from down there, right.
0:20 So go to the install on Ubuntu, or if you have a different distribution pick that one,
0:24 and it will show you how to do it with your package manager most likely, so here we are going to add the MongoDb key,
0:30 so we trust the list, the file list we're going to set up, then we're going to basically set up this mongodb.org file list here
0:38 and then in order to actually have the stuff in the list available we need to run a quick update, so it pulls it down
0:45 and then we can say apt install mongodb-org to install everything or you saw that there's subpackages you can choose
0:52 we're going to manage the server via the just editing etc/mongod.conf and then make changes, restart the service
1:01 and then it will just pick up those changes which is really nice. Of course, this doesn't mean it's running,
1:07 it's just ready to run next time you reboot the server so you just say service mongod start and you'll be golden.

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