Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Appendix: Installing MongoDB
Lecture: Concept: Setting up MongoDB on macOS

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0:01 We're going to use homebrew, if you don't like homebrew
0:04 you can actually download a tarball and unzip it and set up all the stuff
0:07 but homebrew is much better on a couple of levels,
0:11 so make sure you have homebrew and that you update it,
0:14 and then to install, we're just going to install homebrew
0:17 and then we just brew install MongoDB,
0:19 wait about 20 seconds for it to do its magic,
0:22 we're going to start up MongoDB, there's two ways to do that
0:24 we could say brew services start monogodb
0:27 and that will actually register it as a system service
0:30 that starts every time you log in;
0:32 if you don't want to do that, you don't want to start it this way, it's fine
0:34 you can say mongodb--config and point at the config file.
0:38 If you want to make any changes, well, there's the config file
0:40 you can just edit that with whatever editor you like,
0:43 and you can change the security, you can change the ports,
0:46 whatever you want to change about MongoDB
0:48 just change this file, and stop and then start the service,
0:52 or just cancel out running this mongod command, and then run it again.
0:56 Final thing is, if you brew service start mongodb
0:59 and it's going to continue to autostart, if for some reason you want it to stop,
1:02 I believe it makes a file, a plist file, and it puts it in your home directory
1:07 for your user account in /library/launch/agents/ something involving mongodb,
1:13 so you can just delete that file I believe and that will stop it.