Eve: Building RESTful APIs with MongoDB and Flask Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and quick review
Lecture: The future of Eve

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0:00 The future of the Eve project looks bright, I have so many new, exciting and interesting features planned for the future.
0:08 However, maintaining and developing new features to projects of this scope takes a considerable amount of time.
0:16 Also, I do my best to offer support on Stack Overflow and mailing list, email, and that takes a lot of time too,
0:24 and that's been going on for like five years now. So far, I've been working on Eve and Cerberus in my free time. I am now exploring the possibility
0:34 to dedicate some or all of my working time to Eve, Cerberus and their ecosystem.
0:40 If you run a business and it is using Eve or Cerberus in a revenue generating product,
0:45 it would make perfect business sense to sponsor their development. It ensures the project that your product relies on
0:52 stays healthy and actively maintained. It can also help your exposure in the Eve community and it makes it easier for you to attract Eve developers.
1:03 Of course, if you are an individual user, you're also welcome to make a single donation on PayPal
1:10 if either the project has helped you in your work or personal project, just go to Python-eve.org/funding
1:17 and you'll find how you can contribute to the project, either by joining the campaign on Patreon or simply with the one time donation over PayPal.

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